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Loading Dock Platforms


Many warehouses do not have a dedicated or permanent loading dock, but still have the logistical problem of unloading vehicles in the shortest timescale possible. All the while maintaining a rigorous HSE policy and protecting the goods in transit.

Consider – how long does it take to unload multiple trailers using your existing operation and the goods transference to outgoing vehicles. See our recent installation in the Netherlands where a six station platform unloaded three trailers at any given time, with immediate transfer to waiting delivery vehicles.

Modular in design and construction, Loading Dock Platforms offer one of the most efficient ways to safely and speedily unload a trailer. Bespoke, they are available in a configuration to suit your own warehouse or yard.

Consider the costs involved in either building a ramp to trailer height or digging out the building to create a ground level loading bay. Couple this with any required planning permission and avoiding utilities, plus whether or not you own the premises and have to make good any alterations upon vacating.

This disruption is marked in comparison to a bolt down and take away solution.

General Construction

Modular design allows unlimited versatility to suit site specific dimensions. Platform heights can be tailored to suit your own fleet, whilst “Bridging Plates” offer the range required to accommodate alternative vehicle heights. If unloading straight from a trailer into a waiting delivery vehicle, these same bridging plates enable speedy transference safely and efficiently.

Generally included as standard are chequer plate decking with a non-slip top coat. Hand railing to all exposed edges. Steps with a self-closing safety gate. The surface finish is powder coated as a minimum.

Options on design

Options are numerous and not only reserved to height length and width. Surface finish – is the platform internal or external. Do you operate in a harsh climatic environment. Have you a corporate colour scheme that you wish to follow ?

In cold winter conditions puddling water can be particularly hazardous when frozen.  An open mesh floor is a useful consideration, especially if the platform is used or mounted outside. Galvanising should also be considered for external operations.

If the goods are not being loaded directly to a waiting delivery vehicle, but via a fork lift truck to ground level or further on-going transport, then one of our “Pallet Safety Gates” may be considered for maximum edge protection. Please visit our pallet gates link. A ramp is also a further option.

Mobile Platforms

Performing exactly the same function as the static version with the versatility of taking the platform to the vehicle. Fork apertures for ease of movement or jacking castors over good internal surfaces. The same bridging plates and choice of options are all available.

Why you need a loading dock platform...

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