Call our office: 01782 836 080

Call our office: 01782 836 080


What is a the Defender Pallet Gate?

This is the most heavy duty pallet gate that we currently manufacture. In exceptional circumstances the sheer volume of goods travelling through a twenty four hour, seven days a week operation, means that only the most robust apparatus will suffice.

This type of environment may run multiple shift patterns with any number of different employees operating the gate over a working day. This can be several hundred operations and the apparatus can expect a certain amount of “rigorous” useage.

The construction of this gate assumes that to be the case and materials have been chosen accordingly.

The design and construction has lead to greater in-built rigidity, meaning that particularly large loads can be accommodated. For example, a depth of three metres would be no problem.

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Atom 1500

Model 12



Model 30

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